Add-on Blinds for Doors

More style. More convenience. Discover the evolution of traditional blinds at the Add-on Blinds website.


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Go beyond blinds for an elegant, DIY solution

Add-on Blinds for Doors feature blinds enclosed between your existing doorlight and a pane of tempered glass, meaning less maintenance, more safety, and heightened style. Best of all—you can do it all yourself.


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Premium Look & Feel

Robust materials and high-design that you can paint or leave original.



Fingertip Adjustment

Cord-free design lets you control height and tilt with simple sliders.

Low Maintenance

Enclosed blinds won't get dusty; simply clean like any window.

Certified Safe

Enclosed cords and blind slats help protect children and pets from injury.


Energy Efficient

Your additional layer of glass increases energy efficiency.


Measuring is Simple


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Explore the benefits of Add-on Blinds

See how quick and easy it is to install, maintain, and enjoy your Add-on Blinds for doors.

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